Aiyu Cui

I am a CS PhD student advised by Prof. Svetlana Lazebnik at University of Illinois (UIUC) in Vision Group @ UIUC since Fall 2018.

Before that, I spent my undergrad years with Profs. Robert Collins and Yanxi Liu in Lab for Peception, Action and Cognition (LPAC) at Penn State (WE ARE!), where I received my B.S. degree in CS with honor and a minor in Math.

My research interests are majorly in Computer Vision. I'm interested in designing models which enable semantic-level manipulations and interpretable controls.

aiyucui2 [at]

  • You may look for my sister Chel Aiqi Cui, the CMU senior girl in Info System and Stat. ML.
  • A place where you are very likely to find me outside work is ice rink.
  • Also, check my random art work -> here.
  • Wanna know some Taiji? - Penn State Taiji Club